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National Rallies have always been fun,

The tree was planted in memory of

Major Hervey Bathurst the owner of Eastnor Castle
and supporter of the club

Start of the first Northern Land Rover run which left Armstrong  
Massey main dealers and over 100 vehicles drove down
the A64 to Eden Camp

The black ribbon? This was in respect of the people who died
in the twin towers in New York, the event was the weekend after.

As a club helped out with mountain bike marshalling after all we had the vehicles which can cope

The Stafford St John Ambulance had a 6 cylinder Station wagon  but when it drove past it sounded like it was running on only 2 cylinders so we went with one vehicle and came back with 2!  

Club members stripped the vehicle & rebuilt it , they arranged for it to be collected on a low loader and re sprayed and it went on to give a lot of service

Sponsorship & awards

The club as been luck we have won numerous awards from the best club stands, the innovation of the year when we launched the replacement plastic window channel, but the most prestigious awards was when we came 2nd  twice in the Motor Sports Club of the year competition, to win this we had to beat around 750 other clubs  for all types of motor sport. This had never been archived by any Land Rover Club before or since the trophy was presented at the Auto sports show at the NEC Birmingham


The Proton car?

Well the Proton car company decided to loan the club free of charge a 4 door Proton for 12 months!

The Freelander is just a normal Freelander, well it would be unless you knew that the photo was taken before is was released to the public, and to be honest it was strange driving it with every one looking at you  

And yes we have been on TV a few times

Local news



Appeared in newspapers and of course not forgetting Land Rover magazine , we had a Land Rover flag presented to us by the factory which we had stolen at Billing but replaced it

The picture is of the staff at Land Rover receiving a club plaque for the factory

The final photo for now is the club helping with FIRE patrols on Cannock Chase with RAYNET  

The aim of this page is to give you some idea what the club as been doing since it started, at the moment it is just a few photos, but we do intend to improve this over the coming months, as and when I find more photos or information.

Pictured on the left

The first club to put on a display which was at Billing

Getting stuck my way


We have had a visit from the Japanese

Land Rover Magazine they spent a day with us