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Welcome to the Series 3 & 90-110 Owners club

The Club for owners of ALL models of Land Rover

Clubs Mission Statement

The aim of this club is to: - enjoy all Land Rovers, be safe, enjoy the countryside, follow the countryside code, act responsibly, pass on knowledge, help other owners, go off roading.
go legal green laning, supply technical assistance, sell Land Rover related items as inexpensively as possible, organise events, be family friendly.

The club is for everyone who owns, drives, or just interested in the Land Rovers Series 3 & 90-110 range of models, owners of other models such as Freelander  & Evoque are just as welcome


It is not important that you even own a

Land Rover, you may just be thinking about

 buying one, and would like some unbiased


You will get lots of advice and help from our


There is the  option to save money by having

the clubs magazine electronically, which will:

save you money on membership

The clubs shop has a number of items exclusive

to the club and at good prices.

      We now stock Child's boiler suits

Look oin the club shop under children's wear


We already have our National Rally booked

 for 2018

And there's lot more going on as well for owners of all Land Rover

Club Members
Please e-mail the club

for your
50% off

discount code

Follow the Club on  Twitter & Flickr Western Land Rover Run Sunday 12th  April  Great event