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Land Rover Watch

Is a new initiative started by the club.

Far to many Land Rovers are stolen, and although we cannot prevent the vehicles from being stolen with Land Rover Watch we feel sure, that just like Neighbour hood watch is working around the country it will deter the thieves from touching YOUR vehicle

The scheme is free to our members and other clubs we hope will join in as well.

The way it works is , if a vehicle is stolen, after the owner has told the insurance company and the police they notify our club.

We will then circulate the vehicle details, to all our members via e-mail and we are looking at systems where we can also use text messages, this would mean that the vehicle details will be all over the country in a matter of hours, so enthusiasts will be able to report any sighting of the vehicle to the police and hopefully the vehicle will be found and even better the thieves arrested   

Membership is free as already stated for our members,  non members can join for a one off payment of only £5.00 which will of course include the screen stickers, (extra stickers are only £1.00 each if ordered as the same time) the money raised form the sale of the stickers is going to pay for the soft wear which will enable us to send bulk text messages

We also hope that other clubs, police forces and insurance companies get involved, and we will then be able to the information to their members and of course this will work both ways if a member of their club has a vehicle stolen we will also send the vehicle details  out.

So with enough people taking part we hope that Land Rover thefts will drop as thieves  will soon realise that stolen vehicle and being looked for

Details of the vehicle will also be on this section of our site