Series 3 & 90-110 Owners Club 
The Family Club

Contact us

01543 424821

The Midlands Area of the club  

Frank & Marjorie King  01543424821   

Club night will be meeting at the Turf on the A5 near Norton Canes on the 4th Friday of the month at 7.30

  3rd Tuesday of the month  7.30 pm

Black     Contact Charlie Power 0121 602 0232

Club night Last Wednesday of the month

The swan Fairfield  going from Hagley towards Bromsgrove turn right B4091  post code B61 9NG  Paul Marlow 01604 408889

Club night  2nd Tuesday The Windhover pub, located at the Boughton Cold Store on the A5199 (old A50) North of Northampton

The Derbyshire  

Contact Ross Molloy 07813070985

The Bonnie Prince, on the Junction 3  of the A50 Meetings will be a at 8 pm on the 1st Wednesday on the Month

2013 Midland Run Leak to 
Joderal Bank

John Craddock’s Auction