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Who are we?

The was started in 1991 to bring together people with an interest in Land Rover Series 3 vehicles. Later on, due to popular demand, we spread into coil sprung 90 and 110 vehicles as well. Do we confine ourselves to these particular vehicles? No we don’t. In fact you don’t even have to own a Land Rover to belong to the club. You just need to have an interest in them.

What do we do?

The National Rally

We run a national off-road event each year, usually in a different location around the country. We take over a suitable site, with a field that we can camp in, for a long weekend. We lay out an off-road course suitable for all levels of driving experience. We have trained marshals to help novices and to keep the site running safely over the weekend.

There are drivers briefings to inform every one what is happening. The events are run according to Motor Sports Association (MSA) rules and we have liability insurance. In the evenings we organise various social events. We have had charity auctions, bar-be-cues, dances and live music

 It’s an off-road event, but we still have to think about the rest of the family that attends as well, so we have toilets and waste facilities arranged as well.

The Holiday Rally

We run a holiday rally each August. This is purely a camping / caravan holiday. It’s much cheaper than going it alone on a camp site and you have the bonus of being among friends as well. It’s a very relaxed event in that you can do as you please. We try to organise some group outings to various local attractions and we also sometimes experience the local greenlanes too.

 We also show films for the children during the evenings and have kid’s games during the day. It’s a chance for club members from around the country to get together for a relaxing week.

Road runs

Throughout the year we organise road runs. These take place in Yorkshire, the Midlands and the West Country and are open to anyone with any Land Rover. The main thing about all our events is that we help each other. If anyone has a problem, be it vehicle, caravan, tent or some personal difficulty, the other members will rally around to help. That’s the kind of people we are. All of our events are family oriented.

Land Rover Shows

We attend various Land Rover shows throughout the year. At the shows we have a club stand which is manned by club members. The object of the exercise is to promote the club, give members a chance to meet up and to help people with Land Rover related problems if we can.

As a member you can get a discount on your premiums from many car insurance companies. Also, we have negotiated discounts from parts and accessory suppliers and other services.

Immediate family automatically become included by the club as we are very family orientated.

We support various charities and organise a charity auction to support them..

Local areas

Although this is a national club, it also operates locally as well. This is to enable members to meet locally on a monthly basis for a chat and to organise smaller local events such as Green lane runs and off-road days. If a member has a problem with their vehicle, there will be plenty of advice and they quite often get together to help repair it.